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Gift Occasions

Gift a star

The next special occasion, whether it is a birthday, a baptism, or a wedding, is just around the corner!

These events may have you considering the numerous gift options available to you. After all, the person being honored should be given a present that is as unique as they are! Naming a star is a gift of incredibly strong symbolic influence, whether it is in honor of a memory, gifted as a souvenir, or to celebrate a life partner. 

Write your dedication and name a star with the name of your choosing. Not only do you show your love and gratitude, but you also make a statement with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind present!

⭐ Name a star today 

The name of the star you have selected will be registered in the Star Register and will be known by that name for years to come. The Star Finder App will help you locate your favorite star. This way, you can search for the star you named together right after you have presented your gift.

Various occasions to present your unique gift.

There are several one-time celebrations or annual occasions in a person's life. According to our customers, the following are particularly common occasions for naming a star as a gift:

✔️ as a gift for the birth of a new family member

✔️ as a special baptism gift

✔️ as a gift for communion or confirmation

✔️ as an unique birthday gift

✔️ as a romantic gift for Valentine's Day

✔️ as a fancy gift for bachelorette party

✔️ as a personal wedding gift

✔️ as a memorable anniversary gift

✔️ as a special gift for mother's day

✔️ as a personalized Christmas gift

✔️ as a sympathy gift for a funeral service gift as a memento of the life of a great person

✔️ as a keepsake gift to commemorate a special event

✔️ as a special gift for children