The 5 best providers to buy & name a star

Are you looking to buy & name a star in the night sky? There are several providers offering exactly that! 

But when choosing your personal star, you should consider with which provider you want to name it.

Here are the 5 best providers to buy a star in the night sky.



Star-Registration only names clearly visible stars that can be seen with the naked eye and with no additional tools required. They ask for your location in the beginning and can therefore assure, that the star will be visible from your location.

The Package

You will receive a star certificate, a celestial map and a factsheet with all the information about the named star. They offer a wide-variety of certificate designs, so it can also be a great gift for children!

As extra, you can also add a zodiac sign necklace, a frame and additional copies of your documents.

Register entry

Your named star will get an entry in the Star Register, which will be valid for a lifetime and accessible from all over the world. Furthermore, and best of all, you can use a their android and iOS app to locate your star at any given time from any given location.

Fast shipping

If you order the package before 2pm, it will be shipped out at the same day. 

Name a Star 

2. Star Naming

At Star Naming, there is a choice of three different models to buy a star, each in a price range of 40 to 100 USD. 


All three star variations are visible from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We couldn't find any location input, therefore it's unclear to us how they pick the right star depending on your location.

The Package

When naming a star, the package includes the baptism, the certificate and access to the online planetarium, which unfortunately is not a big help to find your star in the real sky. You can add a personal greeting card as well as choose the brightness of the star, the date and the name. The payment process is very fast and easy, and you have a wide choice of payment methods. But for shipping, there are extra costs of up to US$15. Once you want to have a 24h delivery, this will also bring additional charges. Otherwise, the delivery time is 1-3 days.

Additional information

Furthermore, on the website of Star Naming you get a lot of information about star constellations, zodiac signs, stars in general and saying ideas as a gift of a star. The customer service is very open-minded and responds to your wishes, but replies may take a while.

3. Online Star Register


You can view the visibility of your star in the Online Star Register. In their app, you will find a lot of information about your star, but not any advice on how to find your named star in the night sky.

The Package

The Online Star Register website feels bit confusing with too much information about their offers. Therefore, it is difficult at first to choose between their star packages.

There are two different offers for 20 and 40 USD, which can be obtained, first digitally and then physically. The packages include a personalized star certificate, a letter, a star card, stickers and an explanatory note. The third package includes a gift certificate.

Additional information

Furthermore, the website has a blog about astronomy, news and tips and gifts for your information. Shipping is free, but you have to pay extra if you want to receive the package within 48 hours.

4. Star Name Registry

The Star Name Registry website gives you a relatively good overview of what the provider has to offer. You can choose between eight different packages to buy a star ranging from 25 to 100 USD. They include an entry in their star registry, a star name certificate as well as a star map. Additionally you can add specials like a frame, a gift box, a space projector, a poster etc. at an extra charge. However, as additional information about astronomy, the website merely contains the different zodiac signs to see and a few other star constellations. The orders take 1-7 business days and for faster shipping or shipping to Europe you have to pay extra.

Customer service responds very quickly but is not as responsive to special requests.

5. Starregister

On the website of Starregister you can choose between three different packages from 35 to 80 USD to buy a star. These are clearly presented so that you can quickly make a good selection of stars that are easy to spot in the night sky. All packages include a personal certificate, a star chart, a photo book, a star factsheet but unfortunately not a sophisticated software that is any help to locate your star. There are no other extras to choose from. However, the star certificate is only sent as a PDF by e-mail, which is why there is no right to return it. For a surcharge of another 55 USD, you can have the package delivered to your address with a frame. 

Conclusion - Where should I buy a star?

With so many providers that offering the service to buy a star, it's quite hard to choose the right one.

Therefore, here again summarized our recommendation: If you are looking for a trustworthy provider that gives you several options regarding the design and extras, as well as useful tips and a sophisticated app, name a star with

All packages include a celestial map, an individual star certificate and the registration into the officially recognized Star Register, which also provides the app to locate your star. Their customer service is superb and is open to your personal ideas.

Name a Star 


All prices and information are from June 13th 2022 and might have changed meanwhile. We update this post regularly to reflect live data.

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