Wai-iti Dark Sky Park, New Zealand

Wai-iti Dark Sky Park, New Zealand

Wai-iti, designated as the first International Dark Sky Park in New Zealand since 2020, is nestled in the north of the South Island within the Tasman state. Spanning an area of approximately 135 hectares, it encompasses the Wai-iti Recreation Reserve and Tunnicliff Forest, both owned by the Tasman District Council.

The mission of Wai-iti Dark Sky Park is to combat light pollution and educate individuals about the personal actions they can take to reduce the impact of artificial light on themselves and their families. With a vision to safeguard the night skies of the entire region as a cherished treasure for present and future generations, the park promotes the preservation and enjoyment of pristine celestial views.

The absence of power and lighting fixtures within the park contributes to the exceptional air quality, creating an ideal environment for stargazing enthusiasts. Whether you are an astronomy enthusiast or a curious observer, immerse yourself in the breathtaking wonders of the universe as you gaze upon the starry night sky over New Zealand.

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Wai-Iti 7095, New Zealand


To ensure an exceptional stargazing experience, we advise you to stay updated on the latest weather conditions and select evenings with minimal cloud cover. Clear skies are vital in providing an unobstructed view of the mesmerizing starry sky, allowing the celestial wonders to shine brilliantly and enchant observers with their captivating beauty.


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