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The time has come, you have received a personal Star Certificate and are on your way to find your star in the sky. Among all the sparkling beauties it is sometimes difficult to find the star with your name right away. Thanks to the Web Software and the iOS and Android App it will now be easy for you on any device whilst home or on the go!

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How does the App work?

It's so easy to find your star!

  1. Enter your registration number
  2. Follow the arrows on your screen by moving your phone
  3. Look in the direction that you are pointing your phone now!

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Find your star in the night sky with ease

Save time and organization effort and just download the app! After entering the registration number, the data of your star will be displayed. Follow the arrow on the screen and when you find the star, just look up at the sky!

If you don't have a smartphone, we can recommend the desktop version Star Finder from Star Register. You can use it online.

How does the software work?

First enter your registration number above and your star will be displayed. With the cursor you can change the viewing angle by moving the image and scrolling the distance.

For orientation on earth, the points of the compass are displayed, in the sky an azimuthal and an equatorial grid facilitate localization if desired. An azimuth is the horizontal angle oriented to the points of the compass, the equatorial grid is a geocentric coordinate system on the celestial sphere. These coordinates can be found on the certificate of your star naming. In the lower menu you can select the grid and also display the constellations (first symbol).

How do I find my named star online?

After you have entered the registration number, your star will be displayed automatically. It is marked by a crosshair. On the left side a window opens with interesting information about your named star. Enter the date and time at which you would like to view the stars on the bottom of the display. Thus you see the sky on the screen in such a way, as it extends in reality at your place over you.

How do I then find my named star in the night sky?

There is a simple trick to find your star in the night sky. Adjust the timeline in the software, so that the star you are looking for is directly above a point of the compass (north, east, south, west). Take a note of the time and remember which constellations are close to your named star. An example: According to the software your named star is located at 10:15 p.m. exactly in the north below the constellation Ursa Major. In the evening, at 10:15 p.m., look north into the sky with the help of a compass and orientate yourself on the constellation of the Great Bear. You can now see the previously displayed image of the software in sparkling reality. It's that easy to enjoy the sight of your named star!

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