The zodiac sign Capricorn


Latin Name
Patient, disciplined, ambitious
Introverted, stubborn
I trust myself the most!
The zodiac sign Capricorn

Typical characteristics

People born under the sign of Capricorn are known for being controlled, patient, and hardworking. However, they can also be seen as stiff and unsociable.

They are realists who don't let their hearts or spontaneous ideas guide them. They like to plan and work hard towards their goals. They don't like to rely on others and trust their own abilities more. These are typical characteristics of the element earth to which they are assigned.

Their endurance often leads them to success, but they don't let it go to their head. They stay grounded and critically evaluate themselves.

However, their pronounced discipline and sense of duty often appear very stiff and serious to others. Their quiet, reserved nature makes them unapproachable, which is why the Capricorn tends to be considered an unsociable personality. To others, he often shows himself as stubborn, a know-it-all, and has the urge to control everything and everyone.

The Capricorn in love

People born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn like to have a reliable partner by their side. They are looking for someone with whom they can go through life together. But until they find someone they trust, it takes time. Because their shy character often makes it difficult for them to meet someone and fall in love.

When they do fall in love, they usually have a calm and steady relationship. They are considered conservative and practical partners who value traditions, manners, and loyalty. They are not very passionate.

In general, they are honest and prefer direct communication. However, when it comes to problems, Capricorns find it hard to communicate clearly.

People with the astrological sign Capricorn are particularly compatible with Pisces, Virgo, and Taurus. It is striking that these are three very different signs of the zodiac.

The loving Pisces look for stability in the rational Capricorn and find it. With their empathy, Pisces can reach the emotional world of Capricorn and make them open up. These opposite traits attract each other in this relationship.

The somewhat cool Virgo is as responsible and orderly as the Capricorn. There will not be a burning passion here but a deep and honest affection. The two signs can rely on each other and appreciate that.

The ambitious Taurus is not behind the Capricorn in terms of diligence. As partners, the two signs can accomplish great things. Additionally, the Capricorn can learn from Taurus to reward themselves for their hard work. Both seek security and straight lines in life.

Women and men in comparison

Women with the Capricorn sign are independent and strong personalities who know what they want. They are usually reserved and critical towards new things because they try to protect themselves and avoid conflicts. That often makes them appear cold and distant.But once a Capricorn woman's trust is gained, she takes care of others and shows love.

Typical Capricorn men are ambitious and spend a lot of time at work. Because of their irrepressible diligence, they keep climbing the career ladder. But their strong ambition and consistently decent, neat appearance quickly make them seem boring and uninteresting. They usually require patience from others, as they need time to let their feelings show and open up. But once they trust someone, they are very loyal and show their sensual side.

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