The four elements of life

The four elements of life

Each zodiac sign is associated with one of the four elements of life: earth, water, fire, and air. These elements represent the way we perceive the world around us. The so-called doctrine of elements plays an important role in astrology.

The element earth

Persons with a zodiac sign related to the element earth are analysts. They are characterized by the need to achieve concrete results and analyze every situation in their lives. They know what they want and what is good for them. They find it easy to make decisions under difficult circumstances.

Like the earth itself, zodiac signs that are under its influence are particularly resilient and enduring. Furthermore, the earth signs are characterized by their ambition, caution, and diligence. They prefer to be practical and realistic and act accordingly. Even when they sometimes lose their path, they always find their way back.

Taurus is one of the three earth signs. It is grounded and protects its territory. One should not stand in its way or cause problems.

The Virgo also has characteristics of the earth element in her character. She analyzes everything around her and often insists on her opinion.

Capricorn is particularly resistant, enduring, and diligent.

The element water

Zodiac signs that are under the influence of water are extremely sensitive. Most of them are family-oriented, dreamers and romantics. They have both a lot of imagination and a strong instinct. But above all, they are very emotional characters. They experience joys as well as setbacks and show their emotions openly and honestly.

The first zodiac sign under the influence of water is Cancer. He reflects a crystal-clear, calm water. He has a philosophical depth in his thoughts and is extremely sensitive.

Scorpio represents a more turbulent water, as it moves from here to there, always trying to find answers to its questions.

Pisces, fittingly to its mythology, reflects a water with two opposing currents. They often find themselves at crossroads of life that lead in two different directions. They would like to live two dreams at the same time.

The element fire

People who are born under the influence of fire are active, proud, and passionate. They often dominate their fellow men and are very self-confident. Fire signs act impulsively and don't spend much time thinking about their decisions. Loyalty, extroversion, independence, efficiency, and strong willpower are their characteristics.

Aries is like a primary impulsive fire. Its enthusiasm sweeps away all doubts, but it is often quickly gone as well. Due to its impulsive nature, it sometimes leads to conflicts with its fellow men.

The Leo burns with a proud, lasting fire. Pride and triumph are words that describe the character of the zodiac sign due to the fire element.

To ignite the fire in a Sagittarius, there must be a cause. The Sagittarius can control itself and its impulses better than the other fire signs. Nevertheless, he radiates a lot of warmth and optimism.

The element of air

Intelligence, adaptability, and criticism are just some of the characteristics of the zodiac signs that are under the influence of air. Air signs love communication and interaction with others and often don't know what to do with loneliness. They are imaginative, creative, and reflective. However, they often live in their own mental world, a fantasy of ideal creations of an imaginary universe.

The Gemini represents the lightness, dreaming and curiosity of the air. Their opinions can change as easily as the wind suddenly turns in a different direction.

The Libra represents a gentle breeze searching for harmony. The need for exchange and living abstractly are particularly important for the Libra.

The Aquarius represents the air that connects us all with each other and with the world itself. Their intellectual abilities and inclination for collectivity make the Aquarius stand out in terms of the element of air.

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