The zodiac sign Libra


Latin Name
Balanced, diplomatic, cheerful
Indecisive, uncertain
If my counterpart is happy, then so am I!
The zodiac sign Libra

Typical characteristics

People born under the zodiac sign of Libra are known to be very balanced, peaceful, and open-minded. Their charming and optimistic nature makes it easy for them to make new connections. They are very diplomatic and always try to avoid conflicts, wanting to please everyone. However, this fear of disappointing others also causes them to make unclear decisions and remain uncommitted.

Their constant desire for harmony gives the impression that Libras do not know what they want. They focus too much on the needs of others and let themselves be influenced by them.

Persons with this astrology sign are associated with the element of air, reflected in their creativity and wealth of ideas. They can be true visionaries and have a good sense of aesthetics.

The Virgo in love

In love, they are very selective and have high standards for their partners. They place a lot of importance on superficial things like appearance. Once a Libra falls in love, they court their partner with their remarkable charm.

They are particularly compatible with the zodiac signs of Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Since both zodiac signs are very driven by their feelings and curiosity Libra and Gemini get along very well. The passion is in the foreground here. Together they live a harmonious relationship in which they feel secure.

Libra's adaptability makes them a good match with the more dominant Leo. They share a relationship full of passion and warmth. To others, they look like a stylish and sophisticated couple.

Sagittarius' adventurous spirit keeps their partner on their toes and prevents boredom, which is particularly appealing to Libra. While Libra may slow Sagittarius' pace a bit, Sagittarius challenges Libra to break out of their indecision. The two signs complement each other well.

Libra also sees the Aquarius as an adventurous person that promises a lot of variety. Both enjoy the company of others and do not restrict themselves in their freedom. A deep affection is the foundation of their relationship.

Women and men in comparison

Typical Libra women are demanding and stubborn. They value intelligence and groomed appearance. They also have these standards for themselves, so they often seem to have high self-criticism. They usually come across as attractive because of their happy and friendly nature.

Libra men are very orderly. That is reflected not only in their appearance but also in their living space. They act with the motto, "If the person I am with is happy, then I am too." So, they always act diplomatically and try to please their partner. That makes Libra men appear indecisive and uncertain. Nevertheless, they are good conversation partners because they love to discuss deep topics about life.

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