The zodiac sign Scorpio


Latin Name
Sensitive, hardworking, brave
Suspicious, uncompromising
Better safe than sorry!
The zodiac sign Scorpio

Typical characteristics

People born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, similar to other zodiac signs with the element of water, are considered sensitive and delicate. They have a strong instinct that they can always rely on. However, this intuition often makes them suspicious, so they question many things.

Generally, Scorpios are fearless people who throw themselves into new adventures full of energy and love to be challenged. Here they benefit from their endurance. Because they never give up and reach their goals with a lot of diligence.

Another positive quality is their always friendly nature. With their personable manner, they can impress others. They like to surround themselves with people and have deep conversations. Also, discussions are not left out either because that is what they particularly want to do.

However, the usually calm Scorpio can become quick-tempered and opinionated here. Because in some topics, he is very unyielding and does not show himself open to other opinions. A rather uncompromising side comes out.

The Scorpio in love

Gaining the trust of a Scorpio may seem impossible at first. Their always watchful and skeptical nature makes them reluctant to open up. They do this mainly for self-protection.

However, once they go along with someone, they are true romantics who passionately give themselves to their love. They know how to pamper and charm their partner.

Trust and loyalty in a relationship are the most important things for Scorpios. Once they are disappointed, they find it hard to forgive and forget. Their cautious and often doubtful nature can make them very jealous.

Scorpios are especially compatible with Pisces and Cancer. They are fascinated by the Scorpios' initial impenetrability. Both zodiac signs are very aware of their emotions and can communicate them, which is something that Scorpios lack. Scorpios can learn a lot from them. In return, they can offer these love-seeking astrology signs leadership and a shoulder to lean on.

Women and men in comparison

Women with the Scorpio zodiac sign know their charm and know how to showcase it. Their risqué behavior, combined with a good sense of style, make them particularly attractive. But before she opens up, she analyzes and explores everything about her partner. Once someone has won her heart, she is extremely loyal and shows her emotional, sensitive side.

Scorpio men have a patient temperament and are always fighting. Once they have set a goal, they will do everything to achieve it. Towards other people, especially potential partners, Scorpio men are more demanding. Because they are usually looking for long-term relationships that can withstand any crisis. There is potential for conflict, mainly due to their jealous and possessive nature.

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