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3 Reasons to Name A Star As A Gift

3 Reasons to Name A Star As A Gift

What makes naming a star such a special gift?

Have you heard of naming a star? 

You can name a real star in the name of your choice at "Name a Star". The name will then be entered into the Star Register, where it will remain forever! In addition, the Star Finder App will assist you in locating your star in the night sky. This way, you can send someone a truly unique present!

Here are three good reasons why naming a star is the ideal gift for you.

1. Naming a star carries a lot of symbolic weight.

If you want to honor a special person in your life, present it in honor of a special friendship, or give a unique gift for different occasions, naming a star will help you achieve your goal. Your favorite person will always have their star watching over them and giving them a ray of hope in difficult times! Choosing to name a star can be a romantic, sentimental, and very special gift; one that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

2. It is a one-of-a-kind, customized gift

"Name a Star" provides a variety of choices for personalizing and tailoring your gift to your preferences. Choose from ten different designs, name a star with your choice of name and date, and personalize the star certificate with a personal dedication. In addition, you can choose from a variety of optional extras, such as star-sign-theme chains or a frame for your certificate.

3. The star will always be present at all times

The name you have chosen to name your star will be registered in the star registry, and it will be remembered by that name for years to come! You, therefore, present a gift to your special someone that will be visible in the night sky for a lifetime and will never be forgotten.

When you choose to Name a Star, only stars that are visible in the night sky, regardless of where you are in the world, are available for dedication.

Name a Star now ⭐

Name a Star

Full Gift Set on all Packages

All of our packages include a star certificate, celestial map, information sheets & the presentation folder!

Best Price Guarantee

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  • Name a Star Standard
    Rs. 3,500.00 4,300.00
    Summer Special - Save Rs. 800.00
    • Name a single star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star

    Estimated delivery: before

    Digital PDF in advance
  • Name a Binary Star
    Rs. 8,600.00 12,900.00
    Summer Special - Save Rs. 4,300.00
    • Name a double star
    • Visible to the naked eye
    • Beautiful gift set
    • Star Register entry
    • Online access to the Register
    • Planetarium App download
    • Factsheet about your star


    What makes this special?

    • Very easy to locate
    • Two stars orbiting each other
    • Brightest & largest stars

    Estimated delivery: before

    Digital PDF in advance

All offers include

Certificate & Star map for the named star

Certificate & Star Map

You will receive a personalized star certificate for your named star. We offer a large selection of different designs, as well as the possibility to add a personal dedication.

In addition, you will receive your personalized star map, which shows all important information about the location of your named star.

Factsheet and app for the named star

Factsheet & App

Each star naming set also includes a beautifully crafted sheet filled with useful tips and information, designed to assist you in locating your named star in the night sky.

Moreover, you'll gain access to our exclusive app, enhancing your star-searching experience. The app uses your phone to guide you, showing exactly where to look in the sky to find your named star at any given date and time.

Star Registration Gift Folder

Premium Gift Folder

All of your documents are neatly assembled in an elegant presentation folder, ensuring they are both well-protected and beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting.

This folder also includes intriguing details about the star registration process and the contents of your document package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why naming a star is the perfect Gift?

Most of our customers are looking for something that the gifted person has not received previously and as naming a star is not very common yet, it's still the perfect gift to surprise someone!

Will the gifted person be able to see the star?

Yes, every star we name will be clearly visible from anywhere in the world. With our app, it'll be straightforward to find the named star, so you can go out together with the gifted person to find his or her named star!

Can I customize the Certificate?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of designs so that you can hand over a personalized gift certificate with your dedication! We also offer specific designs for kids so they'll love it as well!

For which occasions do most name stars?

Naming a star is an excellent gift for any occasion. Due to our personalized gift certificates, you can adjust it to be a great fit, from birthdays to sympathy gifts. Most people name a star as a birthday gift, wedding gift, or Christmas gift. But also, on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Anniversaries we get great feedback!

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